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Spoof my Text Message

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Universal shipping! No matter which mobile phone network!
On what do you have to pay attention, you read best in our FAQ

Choose a country and number. Attention, please do not enter the country code manually!

Pay attention for numeric senders to the correct international spelling.
With a name as the addressor, it can cause problems with the delivery of the text.

Please use a numeric sender only for the countries USA & Canada
The number should exist! Please pay attention to the correct country code!

If you have problems when sending a spoofed text-message, set the addresser to “Random”. Then there will be an anonymous number displayed on the phone of the recipient. The text-message dispatch with a spoof addresser should definitely work!

Choose a country and number, Attention, please do not enter the country code manually!
Sender and recipient should not be the same.
Also make sure that it really is the text recipient, and you did not take prescribed.

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